Elizabeth was born and grew up in the Central Valley of California.

Developed an interest in art at Fresno High School.

Graduated from UCLA in 1950 with BA in Art

Worked in a paper mache studio in Los Angeles making window display and seasonal items.

Married and moved back to Fresno, had 3 daughters and life turned to home, garden, cooking and little children.

Eventually, Elizabeth started speaking to women's groups about gardening and cooking with herbs. She shared recipes which were well received and so, the early books began.

The Children grew up and she wrote Did I Tell You?, 1,500,000 copies sold to date.

Selling the books became a business and life became invoices, shipping, accounts receivable and employees.

She turned the business over to her printer and became involved in printmaking.

She turned back to the books and created childrens books using printmaking techniques.