The Early Books came from a time spent with young children, when home, garden and cooking were all very important. Recipes were developed and shared in talks to women’s groups. The talks were well received and so the books began. Now these Early Books are back with the same recipes and sentiments, as true today as when first created.

Small Miracles sees the world filled with miracles, small miracles: bread rising; bones, vegetables and water making soup; leaves from the garden flavoring food; all seemed to be miracles at that time.

Kitchen Miracles is closely related to Small Miracles and continues to explore the days when the kitchen was the heart of the home and what was created there was entertaining and important.

The Garden is a thread that runs through the days:  the Pussy Willow signaling winter’s end; the bloom of Ummi Apricot trees in January; China Lilies outside and Narcissus blooming inside; the sweet scent of early roses. Yes, large or small the garden is a wonderful place.

Magic Time was written with small children in mind, when life is new and collecting rocks is exciting and there are many adventures in a very small world.

Babies, gardens, puppies, toys

Sunshine, music, smaller joys.

This can be a happy time,

Watching children grow.

Perhaps the most magic time one can ever know.