One evening in 1975, a group of friends -all mothers- spoke of their children who were growing up. The women wondered if they had told their daughters and sons the things they would need to know as they moved out into the world. Inspired by that meeting, Elizabeth Knapp wrote a book for her daughters, who were beginning to leave home for college.

The book became Did I Tell You? for daughters. Did I Tell You? for sons soon followed in response to many requests. The daughter and sons books have sold a combined total of over 1.5 million copies to date!

Did I Tell You? has moved beyond its original inspiration and is being discovered by next generations. The expression of hope and fundamental values is timeless, to be personally cherished and shared as a gift on occasions large and small.

Did I Thank You? is a newer message from Elizabeth. A new generation wanting to say thank you inspired the writing of Did I Thank You? A book written for parents, family, teachers or friends. When you want to say thank you to someone significant in your life, Did I Thank You? is the perfect gift.